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Virtual Appliance

TSMbox Virtual Appliance (VA) is a type of software dedicated to VMware environments which combine the mechanisms of incremental-forever backup, deduplication, compression and the advantages of using an efficient VMware environment. Thanks to the marriage of those two solutions you benefit from minimalizing network utilization, you save disk space required for backup and you eliminate the necessity of having a dedicated backup server and the resources for data storage.

Virtual Appliance

TSMbox VA works ideally in the backup of machines in virtual environments:

  • Hyper-V –backup with deduplication, the TSMbox VA client only requires installation on the server with Hyper-V operating.
  • VMware – using the vStorage API and Change Block Tracking mechanisms, the CBT mechanism creates a map of changes on the disk. Only the altered chunks are sent in the backup process, which remarkably quickens the incremental backup of virtual machines.

TSMbox VA is a comprehensive solution equipped with mechanisms allowing to recover single files from virtual machines. Thanks to this feature, the solution becomes a high rank alternative for other products offering virtual environments backup.

TSMbox VA is the perfect solution for the backup of database applications both on physical and virtual servers. Thanks to the efficient deduplication mechanisms, the rate of database environment deduplication is exceptionally high.

TSMbox VA is highly effective in the file backup of physical or virtual servers. The deduplication rate depends on the type of deduplicated data, however based on the results of implementations for our clients, it achieves fully satisfactory results. 

TSMbox Virtual Appliance is a fully configured, easy to implement environment which requires only to import the machine image to the ESXi server. It only takes a few minutes from importing the TSMbox VA machine to running the first backup.

TSMbox VA is available in 4 versions:

  • TSMbox VA 1TB – amount of data after deduplication
  • TSMbox VA 2TB – amount of data after deduplication
  • TSMbox VA 3TB – amount of data after deduplication
  • TSMbox VA 4TB – amount of data after deduplication

TSMbox VA is an optimal and fully scalable solution that works perfectly for the sector of small scale enterprises while at the same time remaining open to their development as it allows for smooth migration from the Virtual Appliance to the Physical Appliance version in the future.

TSMbox VA – enables owning several TSMbox Vas within one environment and it also guarantees the possibility of replication of a number of TSMbox VAs to a single TSMbox Virtual Appliance or to a TSMbox Physical Appliance in an offsite Data Center.

Choosing the TSMbox Virtual Appliance, the client additionally receives a webinar training and depending on the version, the backup client installation on a chosen machine.

  • TSMbox VA 1TB – 2 clients
  • TSMbox VA 2TB – 2 clients
  • TSMbox VA 3TB – 3 clients
  • TSMbox VA 4TB – 3 clients