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About product

Backup Appliance

Within just a few hours from being delivered to the client, TSMBox protects data quickly and reliably. Thanks to the methods of incremental forever backup and deduplication, the time needed for daily backup is reduced, while data storage safety and accurate recovery in case of a failure are guaranteed.


Foundation Appliance

TSMbox Foundation Appliance (FA) is a new line, which was created in response to the needs of the fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises. TSMbox FA is ready to use the platform of "Backup Appliance" allows you to centralize and automate the process of securing and restoring data.

Choosing TSMbox Foundation Appliance, you can be sure that the systems work in your environment will be properly protected.

Virtual Appliance

TSMbox Virtual Appliance (VA) is a type of software dedicated to VMware environments which combine the mechanisms of incremental-forever backup, deduplication, compression and the advantages of using an efficient VMware environment. Thanks to the marriage of those two solutions you benefit from minimalizing network utilization, you save disk space required for backup and you eliminate the necessity of having a dedicated backup server and the resources for data storage.


Enterprise Appliance

TSMbox Enterprise Appliance (EA) is an IBM Backup Appliance line dedicated to the sector of medium and large scale enterprises. The solution is characterized firstly by efficiency and solution scalability. The TSMbox Enterprise Appliance offer is available in the TB model, where data is counted after the process of deduplicaction of protected data. The solution is available in 16TB model and up to a few hundred TB, while the highest availability of protected data stored on IBM System Storage DS3500 is guaranteed.


Cloud Center

TSMbox Cloud Center is a dedicated platform for providing backup services in a cloud (Backup as a Service). Thanks to TSMbox CC the suppliers of cloud solutions can offer flexible data protection methods that use technologies allowing for data reduction and safe transfer in the Pay As You Need model. 




Replication Center

TSMbox Replication Center (RC) is a unique solution which allows to copy the data stored on the TSMbox to a cloud. The cloud is built on a safe and validated by numerous references data center. The recovery site is not necessary to provide data availability in case of a critical failure in the primary data center.