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Enterprise Appliance

TSMbox Enterprise Appliance (EA) is an IBM Backup Appliance line dedicated to the sector of medium and large scale enterprises. The solution is characterized firstly by high performance and solution scalability. The TSMbox Enterprise Appliance offer is available in the TB model, where data is counted after the process of deduplicaction of protected data. The solution is available in 16TB model and up to a few hundred TB, while the highest availability of protected data stored on IBM System Storage DS3500 is guaranteed.

TSMbox Enterprise Appliance has all the qualities of TSMbox, offering scalability and performance at 250MB/sec up to over 1GB/sec*, providing:

  • Multiple concurrent sessions (up to 999 parallel client sessions on TSMbox server)

  • 1Gbit/sec Ethernet interfaces ( LACP protocol based link aggregation, up to 12 links) , 10Gbit/sec Ethernet (up to 4 ports), 8Gbit/sec Fibre Channel

  • DB2 relational database, allowing to store 4 billion objects (metadata, hash indexes, etc.)

* depending on the model and available disks in DS3500